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Long Island Medium Book -- Theresa Caputo Book

Who is Theresa Caputo?

Theresa Caputo, also known as "The Long Island Medium", is America's favorite psychic and beloved star of TLC's "Long Island Medium." Her show exploded to the highest ratings of any cable television show of all time in 2011 and has continued its extraordinary run into a 4th season.

Caputo's brand of homespun and heartwarming approach to mediumship has won America over. She walks through the streets of her hometown of Hicksville, NY, randomly approaching strangers and telling them about their dead relatives on "the other side". Her accuracy is uncanny, as she imparts details no person could possibly know.

Skeptics have tried to tear her down, including the infamous professional grump and buzz kill, James Randi. Randi's attempt at debunking Caputo was so sad and pathetic we're choosing not even link to his site. Others have tried to destroy her, but they have continually failed. The fact that she is a real psychic makes it that much harder for them.

There is also another troll on the loose trying to destroy Caputo with his web site Long Island Medium Fake.com, run by internet jerk Justin Tribble. His site is a joke and claims to have "proof" she is a fake.

As fans of Caputo, we hope this site leads new fans to her work and we hope as many people as possible buy her new book.